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Our signature product AB-12 is in use all over the world

Since 1989, Jatronic has delighted offshore and shipping crews around the world with the signature product AB-12. Adapter that connects personal radio to headset. Jatronic develops and markets communication products. Jatronic has served customers in offshore, defense, emergency services and land-based industry for many years. If you need help, contact our support for a more detailed agreement! Jatronic is ISO 9001: 2008 approved and all products are manufactured in accordance with IPC620 and in Nemko-certified premises.

Our products

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We cooperate with the sister company Foss Tech AS

For machining of metal for 3D printing of plastic material for industrial use, we collaborate with our sister company Foss Tech AS. FossTech has cutting-edge expertise in the development and manufacture of products for extreme environments such as oil and gas, defense, hydropower, aquaculture, fisheries and mining.

3D printing

FossTech is a leading engineering company with expertise in the development and production of products for extreme environments. See how they have used 3D printing to meet the demands of modern industry from design to end product.

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Since 1989, Jatronic has developed switches for all new radios that have been used in EX areas. Jatronic wants to be at the forefront of developing quality accessories for closed networks. Contact Jatronic for further dialogue!



DEVELOPMENT COMMUNICATION PRODUCTS Jatronic has developed the products under the category names AB12, AB40, AB50 and several other products to specification from its customers. Contact us for a review of your needs within communication solutions.


PROTOTYPES Jatronic develops cost-effective prototype solutions together with customers in various projects. An example is the Dual key switch for the helicopter industry. An adapter that handles dynamic and electret microphone element.

See Case Study with Canon here.

PRODUCTION Electromechanical assembly, machining and embedding of cable technology is done by our sister company FossTech.

Click here to read more about FossTech


Jatronic has delivered robust communication-solutiona for the offshore-sektor for over 25 years. See products here.


Jatronic has developed its own intercom solutions for MOB, fast patrol boats and the lifeboat market. See some products here.


In collaboration with FossTech, Jatronic contributes expertise in various research projects. See more from fossTech here.


Jatronic develops new special solutions for different customer groups. See video here.

Ønsker du å være forhandler?

From the 80s until today, Jatronic has sold its products through close collaboration with dealers in Norway and abroad. A number of our dealers have also been central in the development of new products such as: AB66 intercom for maritime and land-based use. AB65 Switch Box, AB50 series – products aimed at cranes and drills. The AB12 key switch series against TETRA and DMR are also examples of this. Customers who need a qualified Jatronic dealer, and new dealers who want to market Jatronic’s products can contact us.  

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