For us in Jatronic, success is more than statistics. We believe in long-term customer relationships based on common goals and wishes to deliver quality at any time.

01. Our vision

We will meet the world’s needs for communications products. We work against and strive to show that Norwegian quality is unsurpassed in self-developed products.

02. Our mission

We want to shape cultures that make companies stronger, more efficient and solution-oriented. Our work will positively affect our customers’ business.

03. Our values

The employees’ safety and health are in strong focus. Professional updating and training means that Jatronic continues to develop as a competence company.

04. Business Side

Through our anchoring in Norway, our competence, our values and our corporate culture, we will create the basis for growth and development customers and the company. We will be able to offer custom-made high-quality products at good prices.

Vår firma historie

Every company has its origins and history. In Jatronic since its inception, our goal has always been the same: Through our expertise, values and corporate culture, we will create the basis for growth and development of customers and the company.


Startup Jatronic

Jatronic was founded in 1983. A / S was established in 1991.



Foss Tech buys Jatronic

15 years of experience with cables and connectors becomes part of the company’s development and production. Fosstech’s cast iron cabinet is one of Europe’s best. Jatronic moves from Horten Industripark to Borgeskogen Industriområde.

foss stop


Fosstech takes over production at Jatronic

Foss Tech takes over 15 man-years on electromechanics, assembly and competence on castings, cables and connectors. The new department now counts 25 full-time equivalents.

Helikoper coll.150


The signature product AB12 celebrates 25 years.

The robust PTT switch shows itself as a market favorite for the oil and gas industry.


  • Jatronic is a sales and development company with a special area for radio communications accessories for both land and offshore.
  • We market and sell all radio communication with accessories for all well-known radio communications manufacturers.
  • Jatronic cooperates with the sister company Fosstech AS for metal machining for 3D printing of plastic material for industrial use.