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Make your business more efficient with Wave PTX. Press and talk over the mobile network. With Wave PTX you have efficient and instant communication over 4G (LTE) and Wifi. The future is now with broadband Push to Talk! Superior speech quality. Up to 100 voice groups (channels) per end customer (will be expanded over time). With the WAVE Mobile app you can talk to users on traditional radio systems, via a PC or a Tablet wherever they are. We have demo equipment available for free lending. Contact us.


Review of Jatronic by our supplier IWCS

Marianne Hove

IWCS is our supplier of waterproof Intercom solutions We greatly appreciated that Jatronic was highlighted and received a great review. This is because we have been able to succeed in entering new markets such as the Norwegian MOD, police, fire service, fish and fish farming and other industrial sectors. In times of global deadlines and restrictions, these industries are a necessity to ensure the protection of our civilization and everyday life. We must not forget that we cannot afford these industries to run out of capacity – including life-saving communication equipment. . You can read the whole article here

New decor on service car

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We decided to get decor on our service car, and wanted something that would show customers more of the market Jatronic provides services to. At the same time, we wanted a solution that was clearly visible in the cityscape. Nina at Brix decor was put on the case, and we are super happy with the way she solved the task. We look forward to being on the road with this one!

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Visit our new webshop with products for radiocommunication and hearing protection

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Now we make it easier for you as a customer to buy products for radio communication and hearing protection. Jatronic develops and modifies radio equipment to adapt standardized equipment to specific customer needs. We offer radio and equipment including Peltor, Motorola, Sepura, Vertex Standard and Icom, to name a few.

Do you have questions about any of the products or need help in the online store? Call us by phone: 33 08 36 60, send an email to shop@jatronic.no or use our chat support in the bottom right of the page. Our expert panel is ready to help you.

See online store here

Success for Jatronic at the Bluefish fair

Marianne Hove

The BlueFish fair was held in Ålesund 3 – 5 September 2019, and is a national and international arena that aims to bring together players in the fishing industry. Jatronic was present to present its waterproof and wireless Intercom solutions. It was the general manager and Ex-responsible Bjørn Foss who, together with sales manager Henning Wilhelmsen, were on stand during the fair days. Maritime Magazine made a great article that summarizes Jatronic’s market areas in addition to the focus they have focused on the maritime market and the fishing industry. Here you can see the facsimile of Maritime Magazine.

Jatronic attends the Bluefish fair in Ålesund

Marianne Hove
BlueFish will be held in Ålesund 3 – 5 September 2019, and is a national and international arena that aims to bring together players in the fishing industry. Visitors to BlueFish will meet
exhibitors who offer goods and services to all sides of the fishing industry. In addition, we have interesting lectures and seminars in the trade fair area with contributions from several of our major partners. The idea of holding a fishing fair in Ålesund was conceived several years ago, and in 2017 the fair was organized for the first time.
The idea was to promote the Ålesund region as the fishing capital it is, and to gather the industry in this historical fishing environment.
BlueFish aims be a trade show where exhibitors meet the right visitors, and where visitors get to see what new innovations the industry has to offer. We want to focus on value creation and the opportunities of the sea, as well as developing good products as close as possible to the catch. This in turn will lead to increased profitability.
ArenaNorway AS is the fair organizer alongside several important partners in the fishing industry.

iriComm 3.0 – the most rugged headset on the market by IWCS

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Helmet attachement. Part no. 78388

Det vanntette headsettet iriComm 3.0 imøtekommer behovet for tydelig og sikker kommunikasjon til sjøs – både for den marine profesjonelle og for fritidsseiler. Den helt vanntette ANC-bom-mikrofonen gir utmerket vindstøyreduksjon, noe som muliggjør problemfri samtale – også mens du seiler i hastigheter opp til 60 kn. iriComm 3.0-hodesett er tilgjengelig i standard headsettversjon og som et sett ørepynt forberedt for feste til en sikkerhetshjelm til sjøs. Tilkoblingen til radioen kan gjøres på en av to måter. Enten som en direkte tilkobling til radioens frontkontakt, der den deretter erstatter hånddrifta. Alternativt kan du bestille den for tilkobling til radioens bakkontakt via vårt tilkoblingspanel, i så fall kan du holde radioens håndmiks på plass. IriComm 3.0-headsettet må bestilles med riktig kontaktplugg for den spesifikke VHF / UHF / TETRA radio. Kontakt forhandleren din eller IWCS Sales for informasjon om støttede radioer. Når bestilt for tilkobling via IWCS-tilkoblingspanel, kommer iriComm 3.0 med en robust, polyuretan spiralledning, som når den trekkes, strekker seg 3 ganger til over 2 m lang, noe som gir tilstrekkelig fleksibilitet til å bevege seg rundt mens du seiler. LES MER I DATABLAD


iriComm connection headset panel. Part no. 78457



VIKING wins norwegian police patrol boat contract with communication equipment by Jatronic and IWCS

Marianne Hove

Global safety products manufacturer and service provider VIKING Life-Saving Equipment has won a major contract to build and supply a VIKING Norsafe Munin S1200 patrol boat for the Norwegian police force.

The vessel, which will be built in Arendal, Norway and delivered in December this year, will carry out police patrol and rescue missions in the East Police District covering the 38 municipalities from Gardermoen to the Swedish border.

Seeing off competition from five other providers, the company scored high when it came to quality and price in what is seen as a breakthrough order in their police patrol boat market.

The VIKING Norsafe Munin S1200 has a twin waterjet from Alamarin with joystick control and dynamic positioning. It employs a twin installation, 2 x 500 horsepower IVECO FPT N67 engine with a ZF gearbox. Chairs are supplied by Ullman Dynamics.

Benefiting from a large navigation and communications package from Raymarine and Jatronic, its design embraces a new type of cabin with forward-facing windows, skylight and sliding doors.

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