Jatronic has developed systems for radio communication in crane and driller cabins. The systems are suitable for all cranes,  driller cabins and stationary workplaces, and can be placed in explosion hazardous areas (EX). Jatronic’s crane and drill cabin comes in EX-approved version with appropriate certificates and user manual, as well non-atex models. Jatronic also develops and customizes other electromechanical devices according to customer specification.  Contact support for customizing communications in your crane!

  • Ex approved Microphones, AB40 series
    Ex approved Microphone with different...
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  • Ex approved Crane and Driller Communication, AB40-II series
    The AB40-II series includes a...
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  • AB50
    Solutions for Cranes and Driller cabins, AB50 series
    The AB50 series, solution for...
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