Sena Marine, Nautitalk N2R

NAUTITALK Mesh Intercom™ Communication Headset with hearing protection

Experience seamless group communication with the NAUTITALK N2R headset, featuring Mesh Intercom™ technology. Easily connect multiple headsets or two-way radios at the press of a button, ensuring clear and open communication whenever you need it most.

With NAUTITALK N2R, enjoy hands-free communication with other users up to 1.1 km (0.7 mi) away, or extend the range to 4.4 km (2.8 mi) with 6 or more users. Featuring Multi-Channel Open Mesh Mode with 9 channels, switch between different groups on various frequencies effortlessly. Sena’s Mesh platform ensures flexibility, allowing users to move in and out of range while keeping the group connected seamlessly, without any interruptions.

*Mesh Intercom™ on the NAUTITALK series operates solely and exclusively across the NAUTITALK Mesh Intercom network. Products outside the NAUTITALK line are incompatible.

Key Features

  • Mesh Intercom
  • Hearing protection
  • Built-in Speakers & Mic
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Multi Channel Communication
  • Sena Smartphone Apps
  • Talk time – Mesh intercom 9 hours.


Part number:

  • NTT-N2R-01 – NAUTITALK N2R, YACHTING Earmuff Headsets
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