Titan HUC2 Skull Microphone

The TITAN Skull Microphone provides clear communication in all environments. The Skull Microphone is an ideal accessory for users needing to communicate with co-workers while wearing structural fire helmets.
The Skull Microphone can easily be installed in most helmets with just the use of velcro tape. Both ATEX and NON-ATEX versions available.
The Skull Microphone comes as standard with mono loudspeaker, but stereo loudspeakers are also available.

Alternatives and part number:

  • Nexus configured for Titan/Savox Headsets                HUC2-TP120-01
  • Nexus configured for Peltor Headsets                            HUC2-TP120-02
  • Nexus configured for NATO/David Clark Headsets   HUC2-TP120-03