Titan HUC6 Firecomm Headset

The Titan Modular Helmet Communication Device

This modular-based communication device delivers clear communication in all environments. The HUC6’s special 2-screw design makes it compatible with most protective helmet with just the use of an adapter. Titan offer a variety of adapters that are easily mounted onto the protective helmets and have an uncompromising fit.

This comprehensive communcation device can be directly connected to a speaker microphone or a PTT using the Nexus connection.

Alternatives and part number:

  • Nexus configured for Titan/Savox Headsets                HUC6-TP120-01
  • Nexus configured for Peltor Headsets                            HUC6-TP120-02
  • Nexus configured for NATO/David Clark Headsets   HUC6-TP120-03