Titan MM50 Remote Speaker Microphone, Hytera MD785

Titan MM50 for Hytera MD785

The Titan Remote Speaker Microphone MM50 is the ideal remote speaker microphone for smoke divers and rescue personnel that require large buttons and loud high quality audio. With two large Push-To-Talk buttons, enhanced control buttons, a high performance speaker and IP67 protection rating, the Titan MM50 is a must-have.

The Nexus connector and 3.5mm jack socket enable users to combine the MM50 with a multitude of audio accessories, making it ideal for users needing to connect helmet audio systems.

Alternatives and part number:

  • Nexus configured for Titan/Savox Headsets               MM50-DS26MD7-01-NE
  • Nexus configured for Peltor Headsets                           MM50-DS26MD7-02-NE
  • Nexus configured for NATO/David Clark Headsets  MM50-DS26MD7-03-NE