iriBoost – 100 W Class D amplifier for hailer.


iriBoost is the missing link between your intelligent iriSound Intercom system and your external loudhailer.

A loudhailer is often a stand alone feature having its own handheld microphone — or a feature of the onboard VHF radio. With iriBoost you can integrate the loudhailer function with your iriSound intercom system—one system that does it all—and with additional benefits.

iriBoost is an intelligent 100W CLASS D amplifier that can drive a powerful loudhailer.

All iriSound models are equipped with 2 AUX ports capable of outputting superior sound quality. By connecting iriBoost to a spare AUX port, your loudhailer becomes an integrated part of your iriSound Intercom system using the headset microphones.

If your iriSound Intercom system includes an iriSelect, it is possible to configure the settings so that only selected users can speak on the hailer. It is even possible to activate the loudhailer wirelessly from an iriComm headset—e.g. while standing out on the deck.



  • Audio from iriSound
  • External powered
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