iriBridge- R – 2ch + Radio interface

iriBridge-R is intended for small vessels with a crew of max. 2 and integration of one  external radio.

iriBridge-R can also be used on larger boats where a simple, wireless person to person connection is required and remote radio activation (Push-To-Talk) is desired.

Key features:

  • 2 Wireless headset channels for connection of headsets
  • 1 External radio connection (radio model to be specified when ordering)
  • Fully analog audio design
  • Preconfigured side tone suppression
  • Remote, wireless radio activation (PTT)
  • Fully waterproof design (with sufficient protection of antenna connectors)
  • Simple headset pairing with 3rd party headsets
  • Power supply 10-36VDC/300mA

When ordering, please choose the brand and model of your radio, and we will pre-configure the unit with the right settings


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